モイル 英語サイトトップ

Company Name:Moil Real Estate Inc.


Founded     :July 17, 1995


Capital     :50 million yen (As of Jan. 1, 2017)


Representative :Kazue Ogawa, President


Headquarters :2-5 Shinkai-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 467-0856
          Tel 052-613-7435 Fax 052-613-7436
          Toll Free 0120-928-733


Business Hours:9:00 to 18:00


Closed      :Sundays, national holidays and Wednesdays


Main Business  :Real estate sales brokerage

         Real estate rental brokerage
                            Building janitorial and various general contractor services
                            Damage insurance agent
                            General consulting services relating to assets and property management
                          Security patrol, and operation and maintenance services for empty houses and lots


Real estate broker license:Aichi Prefecture Governor-authorized License (2) No. 21452


Member Associations:Aichi Prefecture Real Estate Brokerage Association

            National Real Estate Transaction Guarantee Association


Main Banks    :Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Nagoya-ekimae Branch
           Kansai Urban Banking Corporation, Nagoya Branch
           Daisan Bank, Kamimaezu Branch
                          Gamagori Shinkin Bank, Nagoya-minami Branch
           Seto Shinkin Bank, Atsuta Branch
           Aichi Shinkin Bank, Horita Branch
             Gifu Shinkin Bank, Hatsuta Branch
             Aichi Shogin, Imaike Branch


Management Philosophy:“Be useful to our customers.”
              “Perform our business in order to satisfy our customers.”
              “Develop human resources to create a company that contributes to society.”


Main Areas of Operation:Aichi Prefecture and especially in Nagoya City


Main Properties:Used condominium sales
         Used home sales
         Property sales
         Factory and warehouse sales
         Rental brokerage of apartments, condominiums and homes
         Rental brokerage of leased land, rental warehouses and factories, and parking lots